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MGS 128 White


Do you need a specific sound for your grand project ? Our team has your back.


Michaël Ghelfi Studios (MGS) has gained a world-wide reference spotlight for Tabletop Roleplaying Games audio with its wonderful community of 200,000 members, tens of millions of views and a library made of thousands of tracks.

The Studios has its work used in dozens of projects – and the clients always return. Our work can be found on bands, shows and video games, as well as with artists, professional gamemasters, writers, and more! Besides, thousands of podcasts, Twitch broadcasts and YouTube videos have already featured our content.


Our Patreon and YouTube pages, amongst others, are fully functional. This means that the Studios is not rash about any commissions and we will work on your project by pouring our heart and soul into it as if your idea was a personal one for us.

Read our terms and conditions below to find every information needed to guide you towards the best decision: working with our dedicated team!