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MGS 128 White

RPG Ambiences Volume 2 – FoundryVTT Module

$ 10.00


This is a FoundryVTT module of the second volume of the most complete and immersive ambiences and atmospheres for RPGs.

Alternatively, you can get the Forge/Bazaar version here. Please note that no reimbursement can be issued if you prefered the Forge version. We can’t give you access to the Forge version of this album by purchasing from our website.

Properties :

  • 50 ambiences
  • Pieces length of 8 minutes or less, to limit their size.
  • .ogg (VORBIS) format, which are of much higher quality and smaller size than mp3, as officially recommended by FoundryVTT.
  • Easy to install. Simply drop the unzipped folder in your “…/AppData/Local/FoundryVTT/Data/modules/”. More informations inside.
  • Saves you hours from doing your own playlists
  • Same conditions of use than for any other of my products.
  • Total size : about 440MB/Mo

You can listen to these tracks on the Bandcamp page, as there’s no embedded player on that website (but that’s the same pieces).