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Boost the TTRPG immersion with this MGS Audio Guide!

This guide is here to help you better understand how to use all our content to its maximum potential.

MGS is a fantasy audio label. We are not a band, we are a group of composers. You can learn more about our members here. Each composer has his style, and we definitely encourage you to learn more about each of them to find what fits your needs best.

Three types of content :

  1. Ambiences. These are atmospheric, non-musical loops made with sound effects. They are meant to sonically illustrate the place they represent.
  2. Music. It comes in so many different styles, genres and lengths. The music is divided between exclusive (only on Patreon*) and non-exclusive (YouTube, Bandcamp, Spotify, etc.) with no overlap*. On Patreon, we offer our very special monthly “Adventure Themes”, which are 30 minutes tracks in a specific theme. We also offer variation versions (loops, piano, etc.) for each of our music tracks.
  3. Sound Effects. These are short (2 to 60 seconds) effects such as explosions, spells, magic items, laser guns, etc. These can only be found on Patreon.*

The Sonic Library contains 100% of our audio, see below.

How to use these properly?

These elements are made to be used together, as if it was a video game. You can use whatever tool you want, but we recommend the Sonic Library, which is the only tool that contains 100% of our audio and is constantly updated with all of our content (since we made the tool with our partners at dScryb).

Tricks to know :

  1. Some of our ambiences are called “Layers”. These ambiences can be played together with another ambience. By example, most of our rain ambiences can be played over other ambiences. The strategy behind this is to simply the work for everyone (both you and us don’t have to compose and purchase 2000 additional variations for each rain/sandstorm/snow/whatever weather conditions) and allow you to set the volumes to exactly fit the mix you want. For some ambiences however, the weather is already included as it required a special audio treatment to make it work.
  2. Our ambiences containing “Indoor” or “Perspective” are special ambiences that places the listener in a specific environment. By example, the Medieval City Indoor ambience places the listener inside a building during the day. It’s also a layer ambience, as you can (and should) play another ambience with it, such as a workshop, or a shop ambience.

Critically useful tools

Database. With more than 3,000 tracks as I’m writing this, our collection is way too big to be checked at a glance. That’s why we built our databases to help you browse our audio. You can’t listen to these tracks there, but it helps you identify what we have and where to find it.

If you are a lucky Sonic Library user, you can simply use our really advanced built-in search feature to access the 3,000 tracks and our 20,000+ scenic descriptions, and their FoundryVTT integration.

Playlists. We prepared dozens of YouTube and Spotify playlists. They are very carefully made and they are constantly updated. Check them out to profoundly simplify your preparation.